Finished Friday: Beta Testing!!!! Updated!

Oh my goodness, this pattern was so adorable! I was so excited to have a chance to beta test it.

Serena Kaye Russell aka Daffodils & Dragons designed this super cute Monster Pant Pattern for toddlers. (Up and ready to purchase!)  It is approximately sized for an 18 month old.  I used a variety of worsted weight yarn and switched from double crochet to half double crochet (except in the waistband which is double crochet). You will be able to find it on Daffodils & Dragons ravelry soon! Here is what the waistband looked like:


Then I went on to complete the Face/bottom of the pants….how cute is this!


Ok not super cute yet, but you get the idea of where this is going. the purple area is where the mouth of the monster will be. The most difficult parts, which are not that hard you just need to pay attention to how the pattern is written, include the short rows for the mouth area and the connecting of the crotch area.  You must follow set up for the leg exactly as it is written. The legs are striped and I added a single stripe of yellow around the dark purple. Then you make eyes and 2 or more teeth, sew it all on and here is how it looks:


So adorable!  Here is my review of the pattern.

I would say this pattern rates as beginner intermediate. Someone who knows the basics but hasn’t done shaping or played around with motifs is going to need to pay attention to how the short row shaping is done. Otherwise, it isn’t difficult, you just have to follow directions exactly as written. The waist is 20 inches, 7 inches from waistband to where legs begin (easy to add more length there if needed), and they are approximately 14 inches long. I didn’t add the drawstring and I put 3 teeth instead of 2. You can make as many or as few as you like.  I suppose you could even make multiple monster eyes too!

I would make this again as it is a very fast pattern once you get the hang of it. Things I might change up or do differently. I think adding eyelash/fun fur for eyebrows, eyelashes and accents around the ankles would be really cute. Could even add it at the top of the waist. The original was done in blue, grey and green for a more traditional boy monster. I am also thinking about using a darker mouth color to backstitch around that area to make it stand out more.

Yarns used: Dark Pink is Vanna’s Lion Brand yarn, light grey is Caron United, light pink is Bernat Satin, yellow is Cascade 220, dark and light purples are Red Heart.  (I am not affiliated with any of these yarn brands).

When Serena updates her ravlery and other places she will have the pattern available I will update this blog post. I was so excited to be able to help test this pattern. I hope you enjoy how it turned out!


Welcome Wintery Wednesday!

I don’t know what it is like where you all are, but we have about 8 inches of snow on the ground….and it started snowing again this evening! It’s very beautiful, but BURRRRRR!

So here are my top 5 warm and cozy free patterns:

1. Cabin in the Woods afghan from This pattern looks so comfortable and toasty! Make it in blocks of color or use up your scrap yarns.

2. Prefer to knit? Try this ripple afghan over at ABC Knitting, Lace Ripple Afghan.

3. Here is an adorable crochet block afghan that would be lovely in a little girl’s room!  Daisy Afghan from Repeat Crafter Me

4.  Don’t live in a snowy, cold climate? Try Doris Chan’s free Shawl pattern; All Shawl.

5. Looking to keep your toes warm? Garn Studio has lots of amazing FREE slipper boot patterns. Here are links to a few of my favorites:  Moon Socks,  One Step Ahead, Eskimo, and Little Red Riding Slippers!

There is my winter wrap up for today!  Hope you find something lovely, soft, warm and cozy to try making!

Stay tuned for Friday when I post my most recent Finished item. I beta tested an adorable kids pattern for a designer! Just wait till you see it!

Wacky Wednesday!

It’s that time again where I find and share the crazy, silly, funny and fun patterns I find. This week I am inspired by anime.

First up is this great tutorial from Sharon Ojala of Amigurumi To Go. You can learn to crochet the Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro! It is so adorable. It is an actual functional Cat Bus and can hold all the characters inside! If you are into anime at all you will also want her Sootball pattern! I am pretty sure our cats will steal these.

Crocheted Geekiness brings us a Sailor Moon Amigurumi. I have many friends who love everything Sailor Moon and even cosplay as some of the characters. How cute is she?

Next I found one that isn’t anime, but really needs to be on this list! A Portal playset including a Companion Cube, Chell and a portal device. Nerdigurumi has a few other geeky items so be sure to look around!

Of course this lead me to the most adorable Star Wars Embroidered projects  over on Craftster…..I love the Chewy ones in particular. They are a mix of pieced fabric and embroidered/sewn stitches. Such a great idea.

Back to all things anime and Japanese…..SUSHI! You have to have Sushi involved. Here is a tutorial for Crocheted Sushi Magnets from Amiamour. You can also find Onigiri.

“Look, it’s a me, Mario!”  Take crocheted granny squares to a whole new level!!! Try out this Mario “8 bit”  granny square afghan! There isn’t a pattern listed, but it is just the squares in various colors sewn together to make a rectangle with Mario inside!

Get your geek on and go make something!

Get your Surf on!

Welcome to another Surfin’ Sunday! I have been looking for granny square patterns this week. In particular, something fun, funky, unique and different than the plain jane square we all recognize.  Here are a few I really liked.

1. Sunburst Granny–there are a few places to find this lovely circle inside a square. First up is nittybits who has a wonderful written tutorial with picutres. Look at the gorgeous colors! Didn’t she do an amazing job!?!sunburst4.2

Bella Coco has a Youtube tutorial, for those who prefer to watch a video, using nittybits pattern. Bella uses UK terminology, but mentions US versions as well. If you want just US tutorial then try Wooly Wonders Crochet on Youtube.  Priscilla’s Crochet also has a version of the Sunburst Granny that would make a wonderful afghan.  I started one yesterday, and I love how it looks so far. It works up quickly. I made one change which was to do a magic circle with the double crochets in the center.

2. Patroon Granny Square–Yes, this blog is in a foreign language, but the photos are clear and you can translate it. I love this square! It is colorful and I love the loops inside. There are other gorgeous and free square patterns on this webpage so be sure to look them over. patroonsquare

3.  Starflower Hexagon by Julie Mnemosyne is a stunning square! You can get this free pattern on her Ravelry page. This is on my top 5 to try list. Love it!  starflower1

4. Another one on my must try list, Linda’s Snowflake potholder square aka Snowflake granny square.  The Crochet Crowd has the Dusty Snowflake square.  Red Heart has the Snowflake Throw.

5. Celtic Knot Square looks amazing and I wonder how difficult it is to create.

6. Just look at this lovely Rose Granny Square!  It is based on the Babouska Rose blanket. I love making flowers, so this one is right up my alley!

7.  One last square for today, the On the HUH square by Tiggerbee. I found an extremely colorful version on Pinterst. Imagine the color combinations you can work with your scrap yarn on this one!

So there you go, lot’s of atypical granny squares to get you started!

My second Finished Friday!

Welcome back for my 2nd week’s project. I am so excited to share a crochet item with you this time.


The Rolling in the Deep infinity scarf by Cre8tionCrochet. Please check out her page, there are many stunningly gorgeous free and paid patterns there just waiting for you to try!  I used Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash Sport yarn in 3 colors to make one for my sister-in-law who loves infinity scarves. The pattern only calls for 2 colors.

Here is the version I made being modeled by my adorable niece:

rollingdeefscarfdeefscarfcloseupClose up of stitches.

Pattern Review: Once you get the hang of the chevron/ripple stitch this pattern works up quickly! Follow the pattern exactly as written. You  sew the ends together and Poof! Finished! It is a bit of a yarn hog, so be sure you have enough of whatever yarn you plan to use (I had to go back and get another Juniper green and the brown color to finish this). I liked using the 3 colors for this scarf as it gives more options for wearing. I loved the pattern so much I have 3 colors of this yarn waiting to be made into a scarf for myself! It is simple enough that an advanced beginner should have no trouble trying it out!

Yarn Review: Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash Sport Weight is lovely to work with. It is 100% superwash Merino Wool and is so soft! It is machine washable although I would recommend laying flat to dry to help it keep it’s shape. If you have a local yarn shop, go and get it. The size and yarn is comparable to the Lion Brand Collection’s Angora Merino (which is a blended 80% merino, 20% angora and not machine washable) but less yardage (you would need 2 balls for each 1 of the Cascade) or Knit Picks Andean Treasure yarn which is 100% alapaca, (read softer than merino), but only 110 yards per skein. I have used Andean Treasure before and it is a joyfully scrumptious yarn to use. Really you can’t beat the 220 Superwash for price, colors and performance. I am sure there are a lot of other yarn options out there, feel free to look around and let me know what you find!

Let me know if you make this! Please share.

Wacky Wednesday!

I never liked the idea of “hump day” Wednesdays, to me the week just dragged on when thinking about it like that. So, I thought Wacky Wednesday should take it’s place! I have some crazy, funky fun items to post for you today. I hope you get a kick out of them.

First I am sending you all kisses thanks to Simply Collectibles free Lips Applique pattern. How cute it this? I love it! (Click on photo)


Next for all my geeks–Do you love Harry Potter?  How about a free Sorting Hat pattern?

Maybe you are a Whovian? Here is a simple dishcloth you might like from holynarfcrafts Angels_have_the_blue_box





Or maybe you are in desperate need of recreating Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor scarf–read all about it at doctorwhoscarf. They have all the information and most of the incarnations of this amazing technicolor Who scarf! They have even figured out yarn substitutions and what you need to complete it.  I taught my husband to knit and he made his own.  It took 2 years, but he finished it and loves it this time of year.

Snappy Tots has a fantastic TARDIS hat and many other geeky items. Police Box

Not a Whovian? Snappy Tots has a FREE Batman hat on her Ravlery page. (If you knit or crochet and are not on you are missing out!)

Another favorite is TMNT aka Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I found a pattern for an awesome fleece hat over at You can sew your own, using your favorite turtle’s colors, and be shouting “COWABUNGA!” in no time! TMNT Fleece Hat

So there are a few Wacky, Wild and fun things to get you through the rest of the week! 🙂

Surfin Sunday!

Hi and welcome to my first Sufin Sunday!  I want to show you some of the wonders I have found all over the internet!

It has been below zero here this week and all I can think about are hats, blankets and warm weather gear. I was excited when I found a new post from one of my favorite bloggers, LittleMonkeysCrochet.  She has some adorable patterns on her blog and this new pattern is perfect for this time of year!  You can never have enough slouchy hats!  Find her newest Sandy Slouch here! So cute! (there is a matching cowl too!)

Since I am surfing for hats, here are 5 other hats for you to try out! Just follow the links to see what I mean.

1.  Calleigh’s Clips has a basic crochet beanie, Sunset Slouchy Hat

2.  Looking for a knitted version?  Try Penelope Rae’s Perfect Slouch Hat.  I love how chunky it is!  Perfect for beginners too.

3.  Another of my favorite bloggers is Zooty Owl. Her crocheted Roxi Slouch is gorgeous and thick! Definately needed in below zero temperatures!

4.  Feeling fancy and want to knit and crochet?  Well RAKJ Patterns has a great hat for you!  The Dana Cable hat has the band knitted and the hat crocheted. I haven’t made one yet, but it is on my list!

5.  Not a knitter or crocheter but you sew?  You want to hit up Fleece Fun and her lovely FREE hat patterns.  I quite enjoy the Rocker Trapper Hat. A wonderful unisex hat for the winter. I hope to make one soon! Be sure to look over her other fleece sewing patterns.

If you don’t already know about Mikey and his group The Crochet Crowd, you really need to check them out! The Crochet Crowd has many hat making videos on their youtube channel and free patterns on their blog page.  If you are looking for something other than a winter hat, or a style other than slouchy, check out their site! Mikey is funny and very talented. He has mostly crochet, but also knitted, loomed and woven patterns and tutorials. So many things there, it is worth a look–daily!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Surfin Sunday!  I will be back next Sunday with another edition.  Don’t want to wait till Sunday? I will have Wacky Wednesday post for you!  Or you can join me on Facebook at TinkerTailorSweaterSigh!