Wacky Wednesday!

I never liked the idea of “hump day” Wednesdays, to me the week just dragged on when thinking about it like that. So, I thought Wacky Wednesday should take it’s place! I have some crazy, funky fun items to post for you today. I hope you get a kick out of them.

First I am sending you all kisses thanks to Simply Collectibles free Lips Applique pattern. How cute it this? I love it! (Click on photo)


Next for all my geeks–Do you love Harry Potter?  How about a free Sorting Hat pattern?

Maybe you are a Whovian? Here is a simple dishcloth you might like from holynarfcrafts Angels_have_the_blue_box





Or maybe you are in desperate need of recreating Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor scarf–read all about it at doctorwhoscarf. They have all the information and most of the incarnations of this amazing technicolor Who scarf! They have even figured out yarn substitutions and what you need to complete it.  I taught my husband to knit and he made his own.  It took 2 years, but he finished it and loves it this time of year.

Snappy Tots has a fantastic TARDIS hat and many other geeky items. Police Box

Not a Whovian? Snappy Tots has a FREE Batman hat on her Ravlery page. (If you knit or crochet and are not on Ravlery.com you are missing out!)

Another favorite is TMNT aka Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I found a pattern for an awesome fleece hat over at Instructables.com. You can sew your own, using your favorite turtle’s colors, and be shouting “COWABUNGA!” in no time! TMNT Fleece Hat

So there are a few Wacky, Wild and fun things to get you through the rest of the week! 🙂


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