Wacky Wednesday!

It’s that time again where I find and share the crazy, silly, funny and fun patterns I find. This week I am inspired by anime.

First up is this great tutorial from Sharon Ojala of Amigurumi To Go. You can learn to crochet the Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro! It is so adorable. It is an actual functional Cat Bus and can hold all the characters inside! If you are into anime at all you will also want her Sootball pattern! I am pretty sure our cats will steal these.

Crocheted Geekiness brings us a Sailor Moon Amigurumi. I have many friends who love everything Sailor Moon and even cosplay as some of the characters. How cute is she?

Next I found one that isn’t anime, but really needs to be on this list! A Portal playset including a Companion Cube, Chell and a portal device. Nerdigurumi has a few other geeky items so be sure to look around!

Of course this lead me to the most adorable Star Wars Embroidered projects  over on Craftster…..I love the Chewy ones in particular. They are a mix of pieced fabric and embroidered/sewn stitches. Such a great idea.

Back to all things anime and Japanese…..SUSHI! You have to have Sushi involved. Here is a tutorial for Crocheted Sushi Magnets from Amiamour. You can also find Onigiri.

“Look, it’s a me, Mario!”  Take crocheted granny squares to a whole new level!!! Try out this Mario “8 bit”  granny square afghan! There isn’t a pattern listed, but it is just the squares in various colors sewn together to make a rectangle with Mario inside!

Get your geek on and go make something!


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