Finished Friday: Beta Testing!!!! Updated!

Oh my goodness, this pattern was so adorable! I was so excited to have a chance to beta test it.

Serena Kaye Russell aka Daffodils & Dragons designed this super cute Monster Pant Pattern for toddlers. (Up and ready to purchase!)  It is approximately sized for an 18 month old.  I used a variety of worsted weight yarn and switched from double crochet to half double crochet (except in the waistband which is double crochet). You will be able to find it on Daffodils & Dragons ravelry soon! Here is what the waistband looked like:


Then I went on to complete the Face/bottom of the pants….how cute is this!


Ok not super cute yet, but you get the idea of where this is going. the purple area is where the mouth of the monster will be. The most difficult parts, which are not that hard you just need to pay attention to how the pattern is written, include the short rows for the mouth area and the connecting of the crotch area.  You must follow set up for the leg exactly as it is written. The legs are striped and I added a single stripe of yellow around the dark purple. Then you make eyes and 2 or more teeth, sew it all on and here is how it looks:


So adorable!  Here is my review of the pattern.

I would say this pattern rates as beginner intermediate. Someone who knows the basics but hasn’t done shaping or played around with motifs is going to need to pay attention to how the short row shaping is done. Otherwise, it isn’t difficult, you just have to follow directions exactly as written. The waist is 20 inches, 7 inches from waistband to where legs begin (easy to add more length there if needed), and they are approximately 14 inches long. I didn’t add the drawstring and I put 3 teeth instead of 2. You can make as many or as few as you like.  I suppose you could even make multiple monster eyes too!

I would make this again as it is a very fast pattern once you get the hang of it. Things I might change up or do differently. I think adding eyelash/fun fur for eyebrows, eyelashes and accents around the ankles would be really cute. Could even add it at the top of the waist. The original was done in blue, grey and green for a more traditional boy monster. I am also thinking about using a darker mouth color to backstitch around that area to make it stand out more.

Yarns used: Dark Pink is Vanna’s Lion Brand yarn, light grey is Caron United, light pink is Bernat Satin, yellow is Cascade 220, dark and light purples are Red Heart.  (I am not affiliated with any of these yarn brands).

When Serena updates her ravlery and other places she will have the pattern available I will update this blog post. I was so excited to be able to help test this pattern. I hope you enjoy how it turned out!



    1. I think it would be less stiff in a sport weight yarn, but once it is washed the item seems to loosen up. I thought it was stiff to work with, but living in colder climate, it is nice to have a warmer yarn.



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