Finished Friday

It is below zero here this Friday the 13th! Soooo very very cold.  I am thinking Spring with this project and hoping for warmer weather. I know it will be a few more weeks of waiting yet, so in the meantime here is another finished project.

Woodland Knits from Tiny Owl Knits is once again my go to for a project. I happened to have the yarn I needed and I love the pattern. You can find the book through Amazon below: (it is an affiliate link, so you know).

Woodland Knits: over 20 enchanting patterns (Tiny Owl Knits)

The Moonbeam Duster is a quick and fairly easy knit with lots and lots of fringe! My daughter is modelling the finished item for me. See below for all information and a pattern review.  I really enjoyed making this and can’t wait to wear it!

IMG_20150208_165726815 IMG_20150208_165731719


The main part of the vest is made using Malabrigo yarn in the Purple Mystery colorway. the fringe uses the leftover Malabrigo as well as a skein of Plymouth Encore DK in a lavender, 2 Regia sock yarns in purple and pink tones, a dark purple from Knit Picks Palette collection, and crochet thread in dark purple from either Aunt Lydia’s or South Maid.

Pattern Review: I would rate this as a beginner pattern. There is a little shaping in the armhole, but otherwise this is straightforward knitting. The part that takes the longest is measureing, cutting, matching and placing the fringe. I love the softness of the Malabrigo for this project, making the finished garment quite snuggly and easy to wear. It is lightweight enough to be worn for a Spring or Fall piece and would fit right in at music festivals.  If you decide to make this vest/duster, let me know how it goes!

Go out and Create something today!


Excitement, trying new things and Finished project

Have any of you tried arm knitting yet?  I have wanted to but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Enter The Crafty Gemini — this wonderful young crafter has the most fantastic DIY Arm Knitting tutorial! She breaks it down into easy peasy directions and visuals so that even a non-crafter can pick up a couple skeins of yarn and be arm knitting a lush bulky scarf in no time at all!

I am usually a slow knitter, however Arm Knitting is an exception. I had a really long infinity scarf in 30 minutes!  I found it to be relaxing and I didn’t even realize that it was the length I wanted it to be as I just kept going–it is that fast!

IMG_20150201_200512427 (2)

I used less than 1/2 of 3 balls of this yarn I purchased in a 1 lb. mill end bag from Pat Catan’s. Love the colors and for the price ($5) I couldn’t resist.

Not bad for my first one.  My daughter loved it so much she asked if I would make her one while she was at anime club. She picked out the colors from my stash and this is what I came up with. The yarns used are an emerald green Jiffy by Lion Brand, a aqua blue-green alpaca/angora/wool blend from Hobby Lobby (it was a gift so I don’t know the name of the yarn or the color), and one strand of Boutique Unforgettable yarn in Dragonfly.


Pattern (as it is) review: The original pattern used cast on 6 stitches. I felt that was not enough, so I tried 10 and that was too many. My daughter’s scarf is 8 stitches wide and I really like that width. You could make it skinny at 3 or 4 stitches. With 12 stitches I felt like I was knitting a blanket instead of a scarf. Or at least a shawl.

Arm Knitting is easy and perfect for non-crafters and experienced crocheters, knitters and artisans. It is a fast way to whip up a lovely warm gift to give as well as relax and spend 30 minutes (or more depending on size) creating!

Have fun with this and Go Create!!!

Nature and Nerdy for Wedsnesday!

I keep finding the most adorable patterns!  This time for amigurumi aka stuffed toys. The ones I have found are animals and geekery. All of them are FREE!

Little Bigfoot Lion is a cute, full maned lion.

Zelda Wind Waker pattern is beautiful.

Adorable Bunny Pattern –my daughter wants me to make her a stuffed bunny with long ears, this might work! 🙂

Pusheen the Cat–looks like a plushy pillow of a toy. So snuggleable!

Monster — probably the most adorable monster I have ever seen!

Where the Wild Things Are style monster pattern–this one made me squeal with joy as I love that book!

Happy Wednesday! Go create!

Surfin Sunday!

For 2 teams worth of fans, today is Superbowl Sunday.  For the rest of us, or those not into sports, it is a day of rest, reflection and planning. I like to think it is.

I found some free patterns that I just had to share here for today’s surfin!

The Aiden Cowl by Robyn Devine is a lovely knitted piece that looks really warm! If you are on the East coast, with snow and possible storm incoming, you may want to take a moment today and whip this one up!

Wendy Mitts also by Robyn Devine–lovely fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm but fingers ready to knit and crochet more.

I Believe in Dragons from is a lovely crocheted shawl.

For those of you in warmer areas, this gorgeous Seaside Wrap is available as a free .pdf from Crochet World Magazine. recently listed a couple new boot cuff patterns I thought you might like to see. The first is the Rustic Ripple Stitch Boot Cuff. The second is the very cute Bow Boot Cuffs pattern.

Stay warm, enjoy your Sunday and whether or not you watch the Superbowl, enjoy the good commercials! I hear there will be a few good ones. I know my son is looking forward to the new Jurassic World trailer!

Go create!