Boo Crew Halloween Swap

I love Halloween! I love costumes, candles and candy. It is just so much fun!  I signed up for the Halloween Swap over at Pocket Letter Pals and here is what I created. I hope you like it. I had a blast handmaking flowers and altering the clothespin on this one!

Panel one:  Victor the Vampire was created and drawn by my daughter. She turned it into a digital stamp which we printed onto cardstock.  I used Copic markers to color him in.


Panel 2: Mereth the Young Reaper was also created and drawn by my daughter. I used Copics for him as well.  I love the idea she had for a young reaper–so sweet!


Panel 3:  I used strips of paper, inked them up and made a mummy with googliy eyes! So much fun! The stamped tag, I believe, is from an older Stampin Up Halloween set.


Here are some of the goodies I am including in the Pocket letter for my Pocket Pal. It’s like a pen pal, but with crafty bits and pieces involved. You create 9 pieces of art in the front, add a letter and presents in the back. The handmade flowers won’t actually fit in their pocket, so I will be wrapping them in seperately with some die cuts pieces I cut out.  I decorated the envelope too. So excited to mail this out!


Thanks so much to my artistic teen–she did a great job creating “cute monsters” for me! I can’t wait to use the others she drew for me. A special thanks to my husband for taking photos for me!

Keep On Crafting!!!



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