Gather ye Trash bits while ye may

Here are a couple examples of trash you can gather to make your treasure:



In the first photo I have left over packaging, a polka dot bag, a museum card, plastic packaging, puffy mailer piece and other bits and pieces.  In the 2nd photo I am showing a couple options for book covers. The raisin bran box was cut in half although you could make a giant album or cut it smaller. Size is up to you.

The next step is to organize and decide what you want to use in your junk journal and how you want to use it.  For example I plan to use the Spellbinders pieces as covers for a couple signatures. If you don’t like the height of something cut it to size. It would normally just get recycled or tossed so be sure to make it what you want it to be.

Now you need to decide how you want to cover things and what pieces should go where. This is where you organize your junk into signatures for your books or journals. If you have a box you are planning to use as a cover as in photo 2, plan your signatures around that size. I like to make the inner pieces at least 1/4 inch smaller than the cover to be sure the pages aren’t sticking out too much.

Join me next time when I will have a video on preparing your covers! For now enjoy the bonus signature video below! Go gather that trash if you haven’t already.



Bonus video: Signature  Trash


Before there was YouTube

I have taught some form of papercrafting for over 18 years now. Usually in a classroom, event, homeschool group or someone’s home. I worked with an online digital scrapbook company for 4 or 5 years. Every time we moved I started over trying to find students and make new crafty friends. I didn’t have YouTube to show off my stuff back then. Sometimes I look at the videos out there and think “Wow I was doing that before it was YouTube Cool!” So many techniques and basic ideas have been done for decades, I take no credit for the things I learned in my childhood and over the years. I know others before me had to learn and practice then turn around and teach me. Most video hosts are that way too, adding their twist and take on projects they make.

I am inspired by YouTube to continue working in mixed media and many other methods. Part of the reason for this blog’s name is because I tinker with many arts and crafts and have done so since I was 8 years old.  Some of my favorite YouTubers have created wonderful videos showing you what I will show you in my way. Some will show it much better than I. I will forever be influenced by them and their ability to share joy through video. I hope I can enlighten and excite you into the imperfect world of creative art. I think by sharing what I know and have learned someone else may choose to pick up paintbrush, paint, ink, paper, trash and create something fantastic! Please join me on my journey!

Be sure to check out my Get Trashy post and join us in saving trash from landfills while creating artistic projects. Anyone can do this! Start a creative adventure now!

Added Bonus: Here are links to some of my favorite YouTube artists!

Jennibelle: She made me want to work with collage, paint and trash again! Her upbeat colorful style is right up my alley!  Jennibelle YouTube

Little Hot Tamale: Megan is so adorable and so are her flip books, pocket pages and handmade embellishments!  Little Hot Tamale

Filizlovespaper: I love watching her videos! I need to catch up and see what she is doing with her journaling and traveler’s notebooks (which I am planning to make soon).  Filizlovespaper

Cat Hand: She has created gorgeous videos for mixed media techniques. I love how she broke things down and did them as little morsels you can create in a limited time frame. Once you learn it you can use in an art journal. Fantastic! Cat Hand Mixed Media Art

Others you should really check out include:

Finnabair Art Files




Rosemary Morris

Enjoy! Hugs,



Let’s Get Trashy!

People have asked me to share my processes and maybe walk them through some mixed media or junk art. So I present: Let’s get Trashy!

Over the next few weeks I will share photos, videos and inspiration to help you start your journey to art journaling and mixed media projects. We get to recycle along the way! Hooray!

What will you need?

  1. A bin to save your trash in. “Trash?” I hear you ask. Yes TRASH, things you would normally toss in your recycling bin or the “round file”. Here are just a few examples.  Business envelopes sent to you with bills or junk mail, junk mail postcards, manilla envelopes or puffy mailers sent to you. old birthday/Christmas/ Anniversary cards. magazines, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, pop tart or cracker boxes, paper scraps, fabric scraps, vinyl, leather bits, tags from new clothing, used gift cards, tin cans, used pop cans, metal pop tops, leftover packaging, basically anything that can be cleaned and reused. I have seen people use cleaned out potato chip or cheese bags with the zip at the top and so much more.
  2.  Glue and adhesives. I personally love Scor-Tape, double sided tape, Craft bond Elmer’s glue sticks, Aleene’s tacky glue (clear and regular), mod podge and quick dry glue. You could add in E6000 too. Whatever you have on hand will most likely work. If you have questions as to what with what let me know and I will answer those questions in a follow up blog.
  3.  Paper! This can be scrapbook paper, cardstock, receipts, things that were printed out but you don’t need, ledger paper, grid paper. Whatever paper you have onhand.
  4. Tools: Scissors, paper trimmer, ruler, punches, dies, stamps, ink, needle, thread, and anything you might need for cutting or putting together projects.
  5. Lace, napkins, ribbon, doilies, pens, pencils, markers, glitter, sponges, paint, whatever else you see that you could smash into a book or add to a project to make it awesome.

I have a box and 2 bins worth ready to start (and I am sure plenty more in the craft room) a couple projects. We are going to start with Trashy Junk Journals. I plan to use cereal and pasta boxes as the base, add napkins and use trash for the signatures. I hope you will join me on this journey of recycling and upcycling. Come get trashy with me!

Hugs and Kisses