Heat Gun, Cool Tool!

Today’s blog post and video are thanks to Heidi! She asked what I could use my heat tool for and I thought I would put together a video of some fun things. Granted there are other things I can use it for, but in the realm of mixed media and art journaling these are the ones I thought I would share.

Is there something you would like to learn how to make? Is there a video you would like to see from me? Leave me a comment! Be sure to like, subscribe and follow me! When I have 200 followers I will have a giveaway.

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Favorite Places to Find Supplies

I live in the Pittsburgh area and there are some wonderful local places to find inexpensive or unique supplies. Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Half Price Books – I don’t subscribe to magazines so when I need to replenish my stash this is where I go. A giant Vogue or In Style magazine is 50 cents and provides lots of photos to used for collage and art journaling.
  2. Thrift Stores- I feel much better about using a hard cover book for a journal if someone else got rid of it and I am not paying much if anything for it. Many times you can find bits and pieces at the thrift store to use in mixed media, journaling, bookmaking and more. I have gotten fabric, buttons and yarn on the cheap!
  3. Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse-When you are looking for lots of weird supplies this is the spot to go to. I have gotten slide frames, tubing, fabric, funky papers, and lots of little bits for my canvases. You can get items by the bag or as single items. It changes regularly depending on what has been donated to them. Fantastic resource for everything from Cosplay to Art.
  4. Top Notch Art Supply– They are small, but the supplies are fantastic! They have the best price on Copic Markers anywhere! I love finding oil pastels, gel pens, markers, charcoal, funky paper, specialty paint brushes, paint sticks and calligraphy supplies. They have the best ink choices of the area!
  5. Garage Sales – This is the perfect time of year to scour yard sales! You may find something that was really expensive in the store for pennies. Old jewelry, beads, craft supplies, machines, utensils you can use to make marks, crafting tools and even children’s games. Puzzles are wonderful for mixed media.

Those are my top 5 go to places for finding unique items to play with in my art.

Keep creating!



Inspired by YouTube -Matchbook

I love making little books and mini albums. They are so much fun. I also quite enjoy finding videos on YouTube looking for other people’s interpretation of the classics.  This brings me to the adorable Megan A. Marshall and her Little Hot Tamale channel.

I had purchased her Taco Tuesday set from her Etsy store because it was so cute and just what I was looking for as a pocket letter base for my penpal. Then I saw her video and decided to use it for my blog and video today.

I really had a lot of fun putting this together.

Get Crafting!



Crafting Necessities

As with any hobby, there are certain items you need to have on hand. I know a lot of people who want to start a paper crafting hobby so here are the top 6 items you want to get.

  1. Scissors — A couple good pairs of scissors are essential! I like this large Fiskar’s pair and a smaller pair from EK Success called Bee Scissors. They are my go to for fussy cutting items.
  2. A good sturdy metal ruler.–I like one with cork backing.
  3. Good cardstock and paper–For white or vanilla cardstock I prefer Stampin’ Up. There are many patterned papers I love, from digital as well as physical paper pads. Some of my favorites include Graphic 45, Ephemera Vintage Garden, Stampin’ Up Designer Series Paper, Tim Holtz, and Bo Bunny. I don’t like the thinner paper you can get at Michael’s or Joann’s because it is usually not sturdy enough. You can utilize “junk” paper such as mail flyers, old book paper, used or unused copy paper, even envelope
  4. A pen or pencil
  5. Glues–I use Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue, Aleene’s Quick Dry for my flowers, Mod Podge, Tombo Aqua, Elmer’s glue and glue sticks and Liquitex Matte Gel Medium. I also have a glue gun for certain creations. It really depends on what you are creating which one to choose.
  6. Tape–Scotch Double sided tape, Scor-tape are my favorites.

The next step items:

  1. Paper Trimmer
  2. Punches
  3. Stamps
  4. Ink
  5. Gel and Specialty Pens
  6. Markers
  7. Colored Pencils
  8. Watercolor Paper
  9. Gloss Paper
  10. Alcohol Ink
  11. Stickers
  12. Specialty Paper

Just to name a few. I only recently started using Scor-tape as I thought it was too expensive. It lasts longer than my double stick tapes and hold books together! I love it and use it with Stack a Page mini albums.

Wondering what you need for a certain type of Papercraft? Feel free to leave a message below and I will point you in the right direction.  That’s all for now.

Go craft something!



5 ways to Play

Finding time to paint, create, sew, scrapbook, knit or crochet can be difficult. You may think to art journal you need to set aside an entire day. Here are ways to squeeze in that much needed play time.

  1. Take 15 minutes in the morning or after dinner and use it for your project. That is enough time to paint 3 or 4 pages or knit a few rows. You can bullet journal in 15 minutes. If you choose that time just for you everyday it will become a habit!
  2. Pick a day each month to devote to crafting. We are all busy in this fast paced world. Having that one day to work on your craft is a fantastic way to unwind. You’ll be surprised what you can get done in an hour or two, let alone an entire day! Schedule yourself a craft day.
  3. Make a choice. If you are anything like me choosing one craft or medium to work in is difficult. I love so many different things. I tend to do a lot more papercrafting in the spring and summer months. Sewing, Knitting and Crochet seem to be more Fall and Winter months. I also find if I spend a day painting lots of pages in my art journal to prep them for future use I can spend 15 to 30 minutes a day adding collages or word art.
  4. Get together with friends. I love having other people around to bounce ideas off of and share enthusiasm with. Especially if I get to teach them a technique or something they have been wanting to learn. I get to practice what I teach and get better at it each time.
  5. KISS–Keep it Sweet and Simple. If you are just beginning don’t bog yourself down with a lot of inventory. Pick your craft, get a handful of items for starting and keep it to a minimum till you know if you really enjoy that craft. Nothing is worse than getting a lot of something you never ever use again. Simplicity will save you money and time!

Let me know what crafty things you have wanted to try but never got around to. Are there projects you started and didn’t finish? Think you want to try and finish them now? Or are you off and running to the next thing? I’m off to work on my Junk Journal! Join me Saturday to see how the cover is coming along!

Go make something!